To withdraw cash on any ATM in Nigeria, visit any active ATM machine with your fetswallet account details. You must have used the steps below before heading to the ATM.


1. Go to fetswallet website and login with your account details.

2. Click on >Transfer Money > ATM Cashout.

3. Enter the registered fetswallet Phone number  and amount you wish to withdraw form ATM.

4. At the next stage enter your secret pin and confirm cash-out.

5. You (or the person you send cash to) should get an SMS with details of your pin, redeem code  which you should be taken to the ATM stand 

6. Locate the quick-teller Cashless option on the ATM

7. Enter the redeem code

8. Enter the pin 

9. Enter the phone number 

10. Confirm your transaction and collect your funds

Do you Have a Failed Transaction ? We do Apologize........

In the case of experiencing an unsuccessful transaction, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are working to ensure your funds or service items such as bank money transfers, tokens, airtime recharge, dstv, gotv transactions are made successful or reversed as required depending on the case at hand. To proceed kindly follow the instructions below for resolution!

  • Kindly note the transaction reference, date of the transaction, amount, date of the transaction and your wallet number or account number.
  • Option 1; Send an email to with details of the transaction as highlighted above

  • Option 2;Access our customer support portal at, create your user account and raise a ticket form, filling the service, product and account type spaces and filling in the transaction details as highlighted above.
  • Option 3;Call our contact center number 016312360 to speak to an agent for assistance with resolving your transaction errors.

We are working 24 hours to ensure your transactions are received as intended. Thank you in appreciation.