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Approved withdrawals are not dropping in my wallet, i complained and keep sending emails for over a week and the issue was not attended to. The complain ticket was closed without solving the issue. I have to make complain several times for missing funds.

FETS wallet did not care what the agents are going through except their commision.

I advise you to keep off from this company at all costs.

All of the attached approved withdrawal receipts did not drop into my FETS wallet for over 5 working days now and no customer care cares to look into the problem.

I deeply regret trying out FETS Wallet

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They really need to look properly into their technical department as they are trying to defraud people through FETS wallet. There is a strong internal breech currently ongoing. They manipulated my statement of account somehow when I demanded for it. The management should look critically into this and should not take this complain with levity. You should keep off FETS wallet until they have resolved their internal fraud currently ongoing as I have not been able to get my funds back till date as stated in the transaction receipt attached to this complain.

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Same thing here. Money just vanishes mysteriously and they don't care to look into it. They just close the ticket as if nothing happened. They really need to work on their staff. They have criminals amongst them.
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