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I work on my machine yesterday is showing approved but the money is not showing yes

Why is my money yet to be dropped

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Your own is better I have like 8 transactions and is not dropping

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I have 2 transactions wey money no drop
I made a transaction of 2100 since 5th of october, it was approved but it diidnt drop into my wallet
Did transaction on the machine , it was approved but no money reflected in my wallet
I did transaction on the machine since yesterday,it was approved but the money is not showing there up till now.if the machine is having difficulties I think u should allowed customer to be aware of it,so that they won't do transaction with the machine for that have been at home since yesterday because of this issues.pls fets should do something about this because I can sit home today again I need to do business.have been looking at my wallet since yesterday the money has not drop.
Good morning and thanks to your response so far. I made a withdrawal transaction of 15,000 naira yesterday (08/04/2021) the transaction was approved but the money has not been added to my fet wallet account. Please I want this to be rectify as soon as possible. Thanks
Good morning,I did transaction as at 21st may 2020,and all the transaction has been approved and the money has not drop into my wallet
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