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Wallet funding

I funded my wallet and got a confirmation via email. However, the last amount is yet to be credited to fetswallet balance. Kindly sort out

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Same here. My account debited for wallet funding but was not funded
Same here my account was debited but not credited. Pls attend to it
Same issue. Please fund my wallet.
Pls fund my wallet o
I have reported this problem some weeks ago but no response till date. I funded my wallet for #5000.00k via Quickteller. Payment confirmation was sent to me through my e-mail immediately. But till date, the money have not been credited to my Fetswallet account. I have to buy another units the following day and subsequently I have be recharging. But my #5000.00k deposit of 6th September, 2020 is yet to credited to my account. More so, No response since the first time, I reported this problem till date. Thanks. Waiting for your response.
The screenshot document was mistakenly sent. I will send the actual one
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