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Can't access my account due to pin issue

Kindly see the attached screenshot of what it's requesting! That I should contact customer care. And no number of the customer care isn't going thru.

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It says my pin has been locked that I should contact the customer care and all the numbers aren’t going through

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Please,my pin is locked,I need help to reset my pin
My pin is locked and I need help to reset it
I am requesting the help of customer care to reset my pin. I have sent the required information for reset to customer care email address.
I've mailed the customer service since yesterday No response from them yet
My pin is blocked, so i need it to be opened because i can not access the app
Am finding it difficult to perform transactions especially airtime recharge
My pin has been blocked and I need to unblock it
Pin blocked
My pin has been blocked and I need the help of customer care to unblock it for me.
I can’t access my account
My pin is blocked so I need it reopened
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