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Failed transaction

Good afternoon. I made a transaction of N1,000 through my bank- Access bank to pay for my electricity bill of ibedc account no 12/07/16/0559-01on November 10, 2019. I got debit alert from my bank but the payment was not effected by your app. I expected that the amount would have been posted to my wallet account but couldn't get anything. This put me off from using fetswallet since. Please do the needful. I attached the screenshot of the debit alert for your verification. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation, prompt and positive response. Ige John Olusola.

Hello , I made a payment of 1000 on my fetswallet but got nothing deposited. Kindly help me look into it .

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I made a transaction yesterday 2k 4x but 3 is failed is only one that was successful but I was debited for the 4 please check and do something
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