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Password problems

Please I've forgotten my password, if i click on forgot password, it takes me to another page that says new pin, pin confirmation, if i type the new pin and confirm, it says the current security credentials of the user has expired. Please I need help, i need to log in quickly please.

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Please the problem I have with my password is; I was told to reset it by calling a customer care number but the number has not being going through

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I have a problem with my password. I tried calling Customer care but the number was not going through. I need to use my wallet right niw
Mine is asking for pin and I can't remember my pin and I can't log in.
I have a problem with my password trying to reset it but the customer care number is not reachable please kindly help me out it urgent
Please reset my pin now
Please help me out i forgot pin and I need to pay ibdc bill now
I want to reset my password please
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