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Card debited but didnt receive token

I paid my IBEDC electricity bill through your platform.I didn't receive any token

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Card debited but token not received.

I was highly disappointed such things could happen in this period, that you can just remove our money and still not giving us the service. On 6/6/2020 I use my Access ATM to make the payment and till this morning nothing as been heard.
Card debited and wasnt sent token number
Money is successful and is not add to my wallet date 28/8/2020 time 8:38 amount #5,500
I got debited while trying to purchase power from IBEDC. Unfortunately, I was debited but payment wasn't successful. Kindly help resolve this issue.
I made a transfer from my bank account to my FETs wallet, I was debited by my bank but not credited by fets. Pls kindly do the needful.
Withdrew money from wallet but it hasn’t been credited in my bank account
My card was debited but no token

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