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Funding wallet

My wallet is yet to be funded but I was notified of a successful transaction on the website using interswitch and my bank account debited and I got interswitch successful email.

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My account was debited for #3000 transaction through quick teller but my wallet not yet funded till now
My wallet is not yet funded after been debited by quick teller of #2000.
My wallet is yet to be funded after a successful payment from my bank through quickteller.
Here is proof of payment.
My account is yet to be funded for this successful transaction from interswitch(Quickteller). Please find proof of payment
My account bis yet to be funded #20,000 for fetwallet agent account funding. Please find attached
My account yet to be funded but have been debited...#3200 Attached is the transaction details. Please want to pay for electricity now
I funded my account on March 26, received debit alert and to date the money is yet to reflect on my wallet. Kindly look into this.
I funded my fetswallet account since 1st of April with 2000 naira and till now my account is yet to be credited. I sent mail yet no response. I even checked the quickteller channel and was informed that the transaction was successful. Yet no update on my wallet. I attached the screenshot of the payment.
Fet wallet is just nothing to write home about, why should deposit take days before they are credited, people have been complaining and there's even no improvement till now, same problem still exists, this is really heartbreaking I'm so deleting my account/app after this my first and last transaction, i only wish I encountered this forum before opening an account
I think these guys needs to be reported to CBN. It's beginning to look like scam to me.
Good day Please my wallet is not yet funded on two transactions I made today, please i need you guys to work on these transactions
I funded my Fetswallet on 21/04/2020 with #5000. The transaction was successful according to the mail sent to me by interswich and my bank account was debited. Up till now you have not credited my account. I will appreciate it if this Remus is favorably considered. Thanks.
I funded my wallet since yesterday and i have been debited from my bank account,and it hasn't reflect on my wallet till now,pls help resolve my problem
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